Diversity isn't

just for show.

You've done the hard work of hiring great people. ExhaleHQ's toolkit helps you keep them.

Your company is ready for this.

Too often, corporate norms mean diverse employees feel unwelcome. Employees are expected to be "thick skinned" and accept the good-natured joke, unwanted compliment or everyday question about their identity. 


This experience is exhausting.  Employees feel undervalued and helpless to change a systemic problem. Uncomfortable interactions go unreported, employees churn at higher rates, and corporate brands become tarnished.




But what if YOU could

change the status quo?


of employees think their company

should be doing more to increase diversity

thinking critically + working strategically

The "d" word

At ExhaleHQ, we don't think "difference" is a dirty word. 


We give employees the tools needed to talk about how their unique perspective impacts their worklives -- from the daily decisions they make to the unspoken rules they accept. We provide managers with insights on these perspectives to better understand their employees and make necessary changes.


Critical conversations, that are candid, authentic and abundant, leads to higher retention of your diverse hires. We believe it also creates better humans and better companies.

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of new hires make a decision to stay long-term with a company within the first 6 months

the secret sauce

Holistic toolkit, powerful results

Human-focused and evidence-based, ExhaleHQ's 3-pronged approach creates truly inclusive, accessible and authentic workplaces.  You've hired amazing employees, we want to help you keep them there!




ExhaleHQ is the easiest way for employees to monitor their quality of work life. They celebrate when it's great and make a game plan when it's not. Our interactive digital platform helps employees keep track of their personal and professional wins wherever they are.


Top line personalization lets employees create the trackers that make sense to them - and eliminate the extra noise.


Good habit reminders help employees set goals and develop a growth mindset


Customized weekly reports helps employees identify behavior patterns and leverage tools to strengthen their EQ (emotional quotient)


support with a


Employees can feel isolated at work. With 1-on-1 confidential support and action-oriented goal setting, we empower employees to be and feel heard.


From our diverse cadre of mentors, employees choose the employment specialist with whom they feel the most connected.


Regular 1-on-1 meetings with employment specialist along with phone and email support.

Weekly report to better understand what picked employees up and what brought them down.



Dear Journal,

We all need a place to vent.  Our #bestlife journal is a place for reflection and leveraging the tools needed for personal and professional success.  


Our zen interface helps employees focus on their thoughts and work with intention


100% confidential - the digital journal is just for your employees.


Automatic reminders help employees keep up good habits.

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